Treasures from IKEA

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Posted 10 Aug 2010 in environment, materials

Today I went to IKEA with Marley Joyce , Head of School at St. John’s Episcopal Preschool. This is an annual tradition which began the first year Marely came to St. John’s, so I would say this is my 6th trip with her. It is a big treat, for me and for the teachers, and Marley and I look forward to the outing every time.

I always get asked where I find my materials, and so I want to share with you what I see when I go to IKEA…(These cardboard rings separate the glass bowls, above).

Oh man, how about that texture? Don’t you just want to touch it?

Excellent collage and construction possibilities here.

There is almost always a bin full of this stuff, and you may get some strange looks at the check-out counter, but it’s worth it!

Here is a bin full of treasures:Don’t be shy! It’s recycling!


  1. holly

    Ah…wouldn’t it be fun to do a field trip to Ikea?
    One man’s trash is another one’s treasures.

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