Transition Week

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Posted 01 Sep 2014 in Uncategorized

You know what my two sons said about the first week of school?

Middle Schooler: “Ugh, enough of this get-to-know-you stuff. I am only learning something in my Chinese class, he’s the only one who’s teaching us anything.”

High Schooler: “Another week of review and routines, it’s boring.”

As an advocate of “transition week,” I am thinking/rethinking long and hard about the beginning of school, ¬†about how to establish routines and classroom culture while simultaneously¬†engaging children’s curiosity and insatiable desire to learn.



  1. Sissy

    Reminds me of the Berenstein Bears book “The Bike Lesson!”
    All this instruction: when do I get to actually RIDE THE BIKE?

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