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in the service of reading and math

Posted 22 Apr 2012 — by Jennifer
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This week was DC CAS testing for my son in public school, a tiresome, tedious 7 days with no specials, anxious teachers and administrators, and an incredible oppression of the spirit of childhood–but I would be mistaken if I believed that testing was truly only a week long. In fact, the ‘test’ has been going on since the first day of school. In all of his subjects– science, social studies, computers, library, art–the curriculum is in the service of the mechanics of reading, writing and math. Want to know about the function of our government, considering we live in capitol of the United States? Here are a few multiple-choice questions where you can choose the correct grammar and punctuation. That awesome computer lab? Why don’t we take some time to review our math facts—so much more fun with “technology!”

This article from the New York Times really resonates with me.