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Riffles and pools

Posted 30 Mar 2012 — by Jennifer
Category hundred languages, observation

My son’s friend Sam studies a tributary of Rock Creek on our walk home from school:

Sam: “That’s a good pool for fish right there, next to the side of that riffle.”

Sam’s dad is an avid angler.  Sam was taught how to read the river, hence, Sam knows where the fish are.

How many secrets could we unlock if we knew how to “read” other languages?


Posted 16 Mar 2012 — by Jennifer
Category hundred languages, technology

I’ve been thinking a lot about technology in schools for our upcoming DCREA Study Group meeting. The other day I watched my colleague print out 15 or so pictures, cut them out on a paper cutter, and then file them into a child’s portfolio. I wondered aloud why we are still doing a paper portfolio when a DVD of images (the original work presented separately) would last longer, be more cost effective, and save time. I had mentioned a DVD before in the past and so far, the idea has not caught on.

This is but one example; I often see a resistance to the language of technology. As adults, we must show that we are open to all languages, whether or not we are well-versed. If we are fearful, or reticent to explore a new language, we consequently send a message of prejudice.

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