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Are we shrinking from challenges?

Posted 25 Feb 2013 — by Jennifer
Category role of teacher

Jay Matthews, in his Washington Post column “Missed Challenges More Worrisome Than Tests” makes a good point:

“As a society, we shrink from giving children challenging lessons.”

Matthews referenced Ken Bernstein’s recent popular article which “apologized to college professors for our high schools’ failure to prepare students” for, as Bernstein states,  “the kind of intellectual work that you have every right to expect of them.”

I often feel that as educators, we don’t set the bar high enough where it really counts, and I don’t mean test scores. I think we shy away from situations where children are out of their comfort zone, or where they claim boredom when really they are afraid of taking risks. I think we don’t challenge enough because we are, in some way, worried that we will damage them by interfering with their “creativity.”

In the Reggio Approach, following the interests of a child/children does not mean abandoning the role of the teacher as instigator and provocateur of complex, challenging and stimulating opportunities for growth and learning.