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Share #11: Hirshhorn Muesum’s Over, Under Next

Posted 03 Jul 2013 — by Jennifer
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If you want to see the origins of collage and assemblage, and you live in the DC area, head to the Hirshhorn to see Under, Over, Next. Something I had to keep in mind is context–the collages and assemblages in this show are from as early as 1913 (Braque’s Aria de Bach)

This piece by Jess, A Western Prospect of Egg and Dart1988, made me consider the physical  process involved in cutting and pasting, now more commonly accomplished with Photoshop and similar software and applications.

A close-up.IMG_4354

There was something about the presence of the ‘real’ puzzle pieces and other objects-the trompe l’oeil, that was exciting.IMG_4355

So many things were hiding in the image. Today was the second time I studied this picture and I saw entierly new things.IMG_4356

I also was drawn to these images by Jiří Kolář, organized in a visual way, for example in diagonals:


Or weblike structures:IMG_4360

Or vertical lines: IMG_4359


Posted 06 Mar 2012 — by Jennifer
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I’ve been thinking a lot about this quotation from a recent Washington Post review of the Suprasensorial show at the Hirshhorn:

“But it’s always worth being suspicious of anything that attempts to bypass the intellect through hyper-sensual appeal.” -Phillip Kennicott

I think educators should also be wary about many of the so-called sensory experiences we offer at school–like shaving cream for example. I remain suspicious about the “fun” factor, and am left wondering about the complexity.

See the full review: