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Revealing a Character Through the Use of Different Media

Posted 18 Jun 2013 — by Jennifer
Category hundred languages, materials


Pixar designers used different media and techniques in order to fully develop the character “Art” for the upcoming movie “Monsters University.” Sketched first in colored marker, artists then used a soft pencil to flush out Art’s movements. Why? Because soft pencil flows…a line from a pencil is a direct connection between the hand and the brain, the most immediate connection (think about those gesture drawings from your first drawing class). A portrait of Art was painted in order to get the final colors correct, a clay machette was sculpted, and the artists looked at videos of Mummenschanz to study Art’s movements. Each material and technique brought something new to the character, and revealed something about Art that was not clearly articulated with a previous material.

This article is an excellent example of the process of an artist and how he thinks with materials (watch the slide show too)!