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Butterfly Bridge

Posted 26 Mar 2012 — by Jennifer
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Right in front of Takoma Education Campus a butterfly bridge was installed as part of the 5×5 Project. We took a group of children out to see it today, and afterwards, they drew. Some children invented other bridges for birds and insects, some made a butterfly bridge with a stop light “to tell the cars to stop so the butterflies can cross,” and one child, Tamika (pseudonym) drew this:
Tamika said, “This is a flower garden and this one is left by itself (red flower hanging upside down), and these are all of his friends. He wants to play with them because they are partners.” She counted all the pairs, and then went back to her drawing and added a friend for the red flower…

I like how this shows both social/emotional intelligence (making a friend for a flower who didn’t have a partner) and some great math–odd and even, division with a remainder, sets…