Share #9 A walk on the Mall

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Posted 29 Sep 2011 in Uncategorized

My husband Todd and I went for a walk today around town…I can’t get over the beauty of these cactus at the US Botanic Gardens, in the perennial garden outside…the colors, the textures, the geometry. It is obvious that the person putting these plants together has studied  growth patterns, bloom times, color range–s/he really knew the material!

If you’re in town, the fountain in Barthodli Park is now renovated, across the street from the greenhouse:, and the landscaping and plantings are gorgeous.


Then we were accosted by advertising of fast food on the mall:


We saw 2 great shows at the National Gallery:

Andy Wharhol: Headlines,






and  Nam June Paik in the tower






AND, last but not least, a very thought provoking video by Nira Pereg at the Hirschorn:

A day of really good art, excellent weather for the first time in a month, and great company. I love this city!


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