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Posted 27 Apr 2011 in shares

Something that has become more apparent to me in recent years is the importance of context. What makes a school, a neighborhood, a city–a community? What is particular to a place, and what impact does history, culture and tradition have on everyday life? What values does a community hold, and do they contribute to a sense of well-being?

When I think about where I live-Washington, DC, what I identify with-what makes this city mine–I think about Rock Creek Park. My runs, hikes, bike rides through, and the view from my windows of the park make me so happy to live here. What impresses me is the wildness of the place, in the middle of the city. In one afternoon we caught 5 species of fish (including an American eel) in the creek. There are fox, deer, owls, hawks, coyotes, turtles, frogs and more right in my back yard!

I wanted to post about a unique annual happening-the shad run on the Potomac River, but also in Rock Creek, because it is something I look forward to every year. So…

The shad are in Rock Creek at Peirce Mill in DC today–if you are local and you haven’t seen this awesome spectacle–get down here today or tomorrow! Three years ago obstructions were removed and a fish bridge was installed at the mill to allow the shad to make their annual run to spawn. It is really a beautiful sight, and the history of the shad in this country is very interesting as well. A favorite author of mine, John McPhee, wrote a great book called Founding Fish if you want to read more.









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