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Posted 08 Aug 2010 in shares

Two articles in the Sunday papers interested me today, the first in The Washington Post by Blake Gopnik on Dan Steinhilber.

This is a tapestry, or painting, made from duck sauce packages. I love his use of everyday objects, the often obsessive surfaces of his sculptures, and the repetition of form.

The second article was in the New York Times Week in the Op-ed section, showing work by Megan Barron.

These are paintings of the flotsam that she collected everyday for a year. What I like about this is that taken collectively, the individual treasures become a record of a place and time. A diary of sorts. The interesting part of this work for me is when Barron shares her process:

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved walking along the beach and picking things up — shells, washed-up bottles, children’s toys. In 2009, I started making paintings of the objects I’d scavenged. Every day for a year, I’d come home, lay them on a table and experiment with different combinations, then render the piece using acrylic on paper. The objects depicted below were found on the North Fork of Long Island this year. I chose them both for the beauty of their forms and for what they say about our relationship with — and effect upon — the sea.”

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to have a transcription of the conversation she had with herself about what to select–her decision making process? I think this is something that is often overlooked when it comes to working with materials. Artists must choose what size brush to use,  how firmly to press the edges of the clay together,  what angle to observe and record an object from–every move an artist makes from material selection to concept to technique to display–involves decisions and choices that will influence the final product. These decisions are sometimes instinctual, sometimes calculated, but there is always thought behind the movements that make up a particular piece.


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I am glad I found this blog of yours! I was going to ask you if you had a web page so I could better introduced you to my school’s director (Green Acres School, remember?). I think this is just great. By the way. I sent you an email with an invitation about a show i am in and where DS will be showing as well. We are both AU alumni in the Katzen Center’s fall show call RE-VISION.
    I hope you can come

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