Rope splicing and other summer fun

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Posted 02 Jul 2012 in Uncategorized

For a Christmas present, we bought Louis the rope-splicing tools he needed desperately. The tools remained packaged until just last week, when in the doldrums of a DC summer they were rediscovered. Louis is truly talented at knot tying, however splicing is a whole other ballgame–it took a couple of hours for him to splice successfully. He couldn’t do this during the school year because he didn’t have the time or the mental space to figure out the process. I ¬†find it really interesting what we can do when we have some down-time: splice rope, learn a new software program (I am finally taking a Photoshop class this summer), mosaic a wall, or create stink bombs from household materials. These activities aren’t so mind-blowing, but they involve new problems to solve, new questions to ask, and I can just feel those neurons being created.

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