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Posted 03 May 2012 in Uncategorized

Leo is enamored with Rapunzel. He draws and paints her in every scenario possible, and at every opportunity.

I found this drawing to be particularly interesting. We had been on a walk to look at bridges and when we returned to the classroom, a long, narrow piece of paper was available for drawing, as well as some other choices.

Leo drew a bridge, with Rapunzel standing on top. Notice that the head is missing. The image above is not cropped–Leo drew this way intentionally. He asks us, the viewers, to imagine Rapunzel continuing in space (the yellow line is her hair cascading into the water below the bridge). Most children his age (just ┬áturned 4) would have drawn a tiny Rapunzel, or perhaps contort her body┬áto fit in the available space.

For Leo, this is a significant leap in his understanding of the conventions of drawing, and a beautiful example of creativity. He knows that the reality he is inventing extends beyond the boundaries of the page.

How often do adults recognize these important moments, these stories within the story that show the intelligence of children?



  1. luca

    what a powerful observation!
    It is amazing how much the eyes of a professional teacher like you can see in drawing of a child!
    thanks for sharing

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