Opal School has a new ebook!

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Posted 27 Mar 2014 in Uncategorized
Opal School, a public charter school in Portland, Oregon, just put together their first eBook, based on a preschool story Caroline Wolfe and Lauren Adams  Creating Possible Worlds: The Teacher’s Role in Nurturing a Community Where Imagination Thrives.
Here is a summary and review from the website:
“This book documents a project that was facilitated by teachers Lauren Adams and Caroline Wolfe in the Opal Beginning School preschool classroom with children ages 3 – 5 years during the 2012 – 13 school year. The story that you’ll find contained in these pages was written and presented by Lauren and Caroline for the Opal School Summer Symposium in June, 2013. They inspire us to wonder together: How does the world of imagination and storytelling support the world of science and reason? How might the languages of the arts support children to make sense of their relationship with one another and together negotiate meaning of the world around them? What if adults worked with children to bring their ideas to life? What might be possible for us all?”
“Creating Possible Worlds is an invitation to educators to be curious, self-aware, humble, and contemplative. The book illuminates both the inward thinking and the collegial conversations that guide Opal School educators as they join with children to explore questions that matter. It is both provocative and encouraging, as it asks educators to claim a strong role in constructing knowledge, neither shying away from nor overly asserting their right to active participation in investigation and learning alongside children.” Ann Pelo, author of The Goodness of Rain and The Language of Art

It is a beautiful documentation project – 70 pages filled with great photos that tells a delightful and powerful story.

It will be released the second week of April, and the ebook is very affordable at $11.99. 

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