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Posted 23 Jul 2012 in observation

Art school staple: the crit.

My fibers teacher, Annette Couwenberg, offered up some questions for us to think about. I will share them here with the hope that they will be useful to extrapolate for other kinds of discussions.

From my notes, October 2, 1997

How do you look at your own, and other’s work?

How to approach it? Analyze it?

First, it is an intuitive feeling.

Environmental/physical level.

Process is a part of it.

How to take it apart?

Look at the difference between size and scale.

Concept of a piece, the idea.

Context of a piece, the environment: what surrounds it? Where is it placed? What idea does it conceptualize? The title can help put it into context.

Formal analysis: Color? Movement? Balance? Size? Shape? Construction? Proportions? Light and shadow? Artist’s hand?

How do you react to the work physically? Emotionally? Intuitively? Intellectually? Formally?

Describe it–what do I see?

What do you think about it? Is it complete, incomplete? Over-complete?

Does it relate to other work, work done before?

Where do you place yourself within the art world?

Personal insights you bring to the work? Insight into my culture, my life?

What does or doesn’t work?

Suggestions for change.





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