Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am Jennifer Azzariti. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what I do:

In 1991 I began my career in early childhood as the studio teacher at The Model Early Learning Center (MELC) at the Capital Children’s Museum in Washington DC. MELC was a prominent reference point for hundreds of educators during the years of its existence, 1989-1997, and continues to be viewed as an important part of the history of the Reggio Approach in the United States. At MELC I had the incredible opportunity to work closely with Amelia Gambetti, an educator from Reggio Emilia (and currently Liaison for Consultancy in Schools at Reggio Children), who worked on-site from 1993 to 1997.

As the first studio teacher in the United States, I developed my understanding of this role through the close mentoring of Amelia and firsthand experience working with the children and families of the Northeast DC neighborhood where the school was located. Now, I carry with me the life-changing experience of MELC as I work with other schools in dialogue with Reggio. I work with local schools (in D.C.) as well as lecturing and consulting nationally with prominent early childhood programs inspired by the Reggio Approach.


  1. I am happy to know you found my blog-thank you for reading, and maybe one day we will meet each other in person!

  2. Heide Struziatto Miranda

    Hi Jennifer, I´m from Brazil, and I´m always studing about Reggio Emilia e I went there twice : 2001 and 2004.
    In 2009-2010 I lived in St Louis and I visited school as Reggio Emilia. Nice to see your blog. hugs Heide

  3. Darian Lunne

    Hello Jennifer,

    My name is Darian Lunne and I am a graduate student at the College of Charleston getting my masters in Early Childhood Education. I have the honor of being in a curriculum class that values the power of emergent curriculum and stresses each student’s exploration of areas that interest her. Therefore I have been researching the Reggio Approach within underserved populations and public school settings. I was overjoyed to discover the history of the Model Early Learning Center and had the privilege of speaking with Sonya Shoptaugh. She told me a little bit about her understandings and experiences within the Model Early Learning Center. Through our conversation and research I came to realize that your voice is also a vital ingredient in my understandings of this subject. Therefore I was wondering if you would consider talking with my on the phone about this subject matter. I appreciate what you have done and what you continue to do for the advancement of both the education system and the individual lives of students and teachers.

    Peace and Joy,

  4. Maria Rooney

    Wow Jen, this is fantastic! I love your pictures and ideas from the trip to IKEA. You’re amazing to find beauty and inspiration everywhere you go. Keep posting!

  5. Alba DiBello

    Brava Jennifer! Looks wonderful.

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