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Cob House Man

Posted 22 Oct 2013 — by Jennifer
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About 10 years ago , we had a cob house  built in the playground at St. John’s Episcopal Preschool. I am reading a book which includes our cob house, “Dig Your Hands in the Dirt! A Manual for Making Art out of Earth,” by Kiki Denzer, and I want to share this paragraph from the foreword:


“To me, art means working for beauty before money. Beauty, as a medium for culture, craft, love, home, as well as a medium for exchange. Beauty as a vision of wholeness in a fragmented world. Beauty as an essential element of life, like air or water. Beauty as a way to nourish living culture. Beauty as a link to an unbroken chain of artists/craftsmen.humans whose hands have build homes and communities, grown food, delivered and taught children, and provided for the future. Beauty as a way of life, in which art is a common language–and participation is not a right to be won, but a simple and undeniable fact.”

Kiko Denzer

Beauty-full, indeed.


P.S. I tried out his mud painting recipe with my son- it was easy and has many possibilities!



Zella Said Purple

Posted 10 Oct 2013 — by Jennifer
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Well, I haven’t been posting lately, but this is one of the most beautiful reflections I have read in a while: