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What Is Beauty? : NPR

Posted 21 Apr 2013 — by Jennifer
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I particularly connected to the episode by Richard Seymour: “How Does Beauty Feel?” All of the episodes have fascinating points of view and underline the human need (emotional, biological, etc.) for beauty in our lives.

To listen:   What Is Beauty? : NPR.

The Power of Wendy

Posted 17 Apr 2013 — by Jennifer
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If I had to name one key to developing our relationship with parents at the (now closed) Model Early Learning Center, it would be Wendy and her chair. Every morning, Wendy sat at the entrance of the school, and greeted parents and children as they walked through the door. This personal moment gave parents and teacher the opportunity to exchange important information, from a reminder of an upcoming event to a sleepy child who might need an extra hug that day. It also was a beautiful, respectful way of entering the classroom. It made children and families feel welcomed. It helped to connect us as a community.

I was reminded of the power of Wendy in connection with the sentiments in this article:

D.C. students use photography to protest school security – The Washington Post.