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Setting Priorities

Posted 31 Aug 2012 — by Jennifer
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My husband Todd started in an enviable new position this school year, as Adventure Coordinator at a public charter school. This morning at 4am, we were both awake, trying hard to go back to sleep but unable to quell the storm of things- to-do racing through our minds. Todd and  I talked about all the different directions he is pulled in, all of the things there are to do at the start of a school year in particular. It is important to remember that above all, our list of things-to-do to should reflect being prepared for children as the top priority. So when you are faced with many demands, begin with those that directly influence life in the classroom. Because isn’t ensuring the highest quality of experiences for children the reason why we are educators in the first place?

School supply shopping…

Posted 09 Aug 2012 — by Jennifer
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At Community Forklift:


I bought a few things for St. John’s and my sons tried them out this morning…cool!