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Posted 31 Dec 2011 — by Jennifer
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I know that I am lame, it is New Year’s Eve, but our annual fun event (20 years or so) was foiled this year and so I am home just being normal.

Yesterday, I met with Karen and Heather from SCRAP DC, a local recycling center,  at their 52 O Street location. They are just starting and already have a few hundred tons of material available for sale–items range from $. 10 to $1.00. Great stuff–fabric, keys, jewels, CD covers, leather, shells, etc…

Check out their website:

A really great resource for our community!

Have fun shopping…

and a happy healthy New Year to all of you!









Public Confession: I can’t believe I said that

Posted 18 Dec 2011 — by Jennifer
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My oldest son Louis has a language-based learning disability (dyslexia is a more common, yet broad term), and is at an incredible private school that we receive funding for from the District of Columbia. There is a huge push in the special education offices here to bring children back into the public schools, and I live in constant fear that Louis will be sent back. His school should be what school is like for everyone; it is interesting, challenging, respectful. The depth of knowledge that he comes away with from deep immersion in a subject using “the hundred languages” is extraordinary. He loves every minute and misses it when he is off for breaks.

Friday I met briefly with the head of his division and told her that I was very nervous that Louis wouldn’t be ready if he was to sent back to public school–that his brother’s 3rd grade math seems more difficult than what Louis is doing, and does he know how to write a book report? Has he ever done a bibliography? Gently and honestly N said to me (and I paraphrase here) that she tries to live in the moment and do the best for Louis now…not prepare him for the future. Immediately I realized what I had asked of her–and I am so ashamed.

How often have I scoffed at parents or people learning about the Reggio Approach when they ask if their child will be ready for Kindergarten? I respond to them the same way N. responded to me. Now I can have a different perspective on the motivation for this question–my own fears trumped the strength and resilience and intelligence of my son–my image of the child.  And, I doubted and questioned the best learning environment for him because I was worried about what might happen next. Is there some sand nearby where I can bury my head?

I am sorry Louis, for not believing in you.

I am sorry to his school, for not believing in it.







The Hundred Languages of Children Third Edition

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The Hundred Languages of Children Third Edition.


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My son’s spelling words for the week…

MAKE | A Curriculum of Toys

Posted 02 Dec 2011 — by Jennifer
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Saul Griffith lists “… the fundamental things kids should know to help them understand, enjoy, and someday improve the complex physical world we live in”

I love his last side note: “Kids can smell didactic like a giant adult skunk.”

See the article here:

MAKE | A Curriculum of Toys.