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All Along the Watchtower, Part II

Posted 24 Oct 2011 — by Jennifer
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I went to see 30 Americans Friday at the Corcoran. This wall text with quotation from Gary Simmons reminded me of my last post, All Along the Watchtower:

Vea Vecchi does a TED talk!

Posted 24 Oct 2011 — by Jennifer
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It is in Italian, no subtitles, but finally, someone from Reggio is included in this forum…

All Along the Watchtower

Posted 09 Oct 2011 — by Jennifer
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Last weekend I was the keynote for the Ohio Voices for Learning conference. During the discussion following our work with materials as languages, we talked about moving from one language to another–from drawing to wire, or the verbal language to clay, etc. I think that too often ideas are simply re-represented; the clay model of a trash eating truck looks exactly like the drawing. Instead, moving from one language to another should invite new twists and turns, and should suggest an evolution of the original idea. Every material is unique and has particular qualities, history and references and brings something to a piece. If the material doesn’t speak, this implies that the language of that material isn’t fully understood.

Think about a good cover song; I love Dave Matthew’s version of “All Along the Watchtower,” the Fugees “Killing Me Softly,” Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” (danger: rated R lyrics), Moby’s version of “Helpless.” These artists honor the original song, but they make it their own. The riffs on the original are what make it worth listening to.